Kaci Christian, CA- Broadcast Journalist/Author: “Just a little note to let you know that I really am grateful for the ORAC-Energy® Greens and ORAC-Energy® Protein & Greens. First, you should know that I’m vegan, and I’m also gluten-sensitive. Those two factors make it difficult to find products that work for my dietary needs. This past summer, I embarked on a 9-week journey to Nepal. I needed a product that would allow me to get my nutritional requirements, especially greens, in a place where one is cautioned to not eat raw fruits or vegetables (due to high bacteria content in the water), and that would help boost my resistance to illness. The day before my departure, I found your products at Mother’s Market in Huntington Beach, California. I carefully transferred the contents to gallon-size zip-lock bags and peeled off the labels to adhere them to the bags so no one would question the contents (no one did), and double-bagged them so I wouldn’t have powder on my clothes and other luggage contents (prevented any problems). Every morning for 65 days, while traveling through Nepal, I mixed one or the other (energy or protein greens) with boiled or bottled water, and never had any health issues. (I preferred boiled water over bottled, so I didn’t want to leave empty plastic bottles behind in a country that lacks recycling facilities, particularly in rural and remote areas.) The greens were quite a wonderful asset, as virtually all foreign travelers fall victim to amoebic dysentery when traveling in Nepal. I never had any health issues during my stay, and I strongly attribute that blessing to my secret weapon, the ORAC greens. I’m a broadcast journalist and author, and constantly on the go. The ORAC greens products are an essential way for me to stay on top of my game and stay healthy.”

Nancy, Sprouts El Cajon: “I think it’s a good quality line. My staff really likes it. They really do. The trainings are good, they help explain the quality of the line. I think highly of Scott, he’s an herbalist, he’s big into quality and the unique formulations. There are certain lines you’d like to have in the store, Paradise is one of them.

Leslie, Mothers Markets: “Very trustworthy, honest company, high quality brand we trust at affordable pricing. I love the Imperial Adaptogen.”

Rene, Mothers Markets, Irvine, Ca. : “It’s a great company, very unique, these guys try to keep it as clean as possible, no fillers or binders and vegan., therefore, its good for everyone. A mind conscience company. Scott sacrifices profits to put out the best products he can.”

Alicia, Jimbos Del Mar, Ca: “It’s a beautiful company. It’s a dependable company, and the products really deliver. You can trust that the label is giving you the truth. It’s potent. Even medicinally for any usage. I love the Green Tea. I took tons of it after Rosie (her baby) was born to get back in shape.”

Faye, Henrys Chula Vista: “I think it’s awesome. I believe its one of top companies in the stores, as far as quality. My son really likes the Hoodia, I like the Olive Leaf. The flyer program helps promote sales.”

Joel, Windmill Farms, San Diego: “No Fillers! That’s good, they put the whole herb in it. Good pricing”

Kim, Team Leader, Whole Foods Tustin, Ca. “I love their herbs, they’re awesome. I never have a problem recommending or suggesting their herbs. It’s great quality, the potency is high. Their herbs smell great when open the capsules. I love Paradise Herbs. My favorite is the Holy Basil, Bacopa and Lotus blend. In fact, I need to take some right now.”

Dan Frazier, Frazier Farms, Vista, Ca.: “I like the fact that they don’t use fillers, it’s a clean product. I know the Scott is a stickler about quality. Because they don’t use anything like titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate etc. its hard to manufacture a product like this and because of that they put more energy into their products. I have supported them for years.” (Dan brought in the flyer program)

Cynthia Abramo, California: ”I was fortunate enough to have a friend refer me to the owner of Paradise Herbs and had a consultation. I followed the advice I was given and have been religiously taking my supplements for 1 year. During that time I have seen a significant change in some of my symptoms. The pain in my joints has decreased and I have more energy. The most obvious symptom is that my hair has grown back healthy and thick. I had been losing my hair in clumps and it was very unhealthy looking. My skin also had unusual splotches and seemed to be sensitive to everything. My skin looks like peaches and cream now. People tell me I look 10 years younger. I sure feel it too, and that’s the truth!”

This letter was sent to Scott Bias, founder and owner of Paradise Herbs, Inc.:

Debra Morris, CA – Occupation: Aesthetician: ”A friend of mine gave me a bottle of Paradise Essentials CoQ10 Q-Veg‰ to try. This product gave me back some normalcy to my life. I was surprised at how much better I began feeling after the first week. By the time I finished the bottle of CoQ10, I felt dramatically better. I was able to work 40+ hours, plan my daughter’s wedding, all without a re-occurrence of exhaustion and constant sore throats along with muscle pain, which is a miracle. This quality of product supersedes all others I have personally tried. Thank you for creating this wonderful product.”

David Tait, Scotland UK- Marathon Runner: “I have been using your ORAC ENERGY PROTEIN GREENS FORMULA and it is fantastic. I have incorporated this into my marathon regime. I like the fact the protein source is clean and how all the ingredients are either organic or wild crafted and pesticide and GMO free. The vast spectrum of nutrition I maintain from a two scoop serving I believe is unsurpassed in any other supplement available. It is a magical product.”

Tim Coon, Consumer: “I read up on your company the first time today and am very impressed with the above and beyond that you have put into your company! I will look for Paradise Products when I shop for herbs at your retailers now!.”

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