While some of you are gearing up for the upcoming summer, we were prepping to launch our new site. It’s completely rebuilt from the ground up and designed to deliver a robust user experience that was guided by how, what and why customers were using the site. Will we need to adjust it here and there…? Sure we will. The goal is to bring you exactly what you’re looking for with as little effort on your part as possible. So what’s exactly different beside the look?

Here are the Seven Ways Our New Paradise Site is Better

Fully Responsive – A Store in Your Pocket

When we first set out to rebuild the site we ran tests for speed, searchability, and responsiveness, to name a few. Mobile users are over 30% of our traffic and we wanted to build something that is super accessible and supportive for you. By making those changes we’ve made the site very actionable so you can get the content you want in less time.

One-Click Usability – Get a Paradise Herbs Product Fast

By removing the amount of clicks it takes our visitors to get to what they want, we’ve hopefully removed some of that frustration. Our old site just wasn’t that accessible. If a visitor wanted to get to a specific product there weren’t robust search features and it could take as many as three clicks to find a product you wanted. With the new site, we are not only featuring more products on the front page but we are delivering the most sought after products so you get what you want without the extra clicks – we do that because that’s what our visitors want!

Find a Store Near You

We were anxious to rebuild our store finder. With thousands of stores carrying our products, we wanted to make it more mobile friendly. One click and you can find a store, click the address and get directions instantly. Isn’t that how it should be?

Secure Online Forms

We have meticulously went through our PDF forms and built them into our website. Some are still in progress so please be patient. Instead of making it difficult to become a retailer, we decided to streamline this process so all you have to do is fill out the form, and submit it for review. Ridiculously easy and secured with 256 bit encryption.

Products Galore

Built from the ground up we have a completely new store and a new way to interact with it. Not only can you get info on a product but you can buy it right there from one of our many trusted vendors. All our vendors go through a strict screening process because we only want to bring the best to our customers.

The Media Kit – A Retailers Resource

This is something we’ve also had on our wishlist. A resource for our retailers so they can avoid having to dig around on the web for low-resolution bottle shots, logos and even ads. All of our logos and bottles are high resolution images. With the media kit up and running, you can now download whatever you need to make your store look clean and consistent.

Other Features

We can’t forget our improved blog. This is where you’ll find new articles, wellness tips, videos and news. If you sign up below you’ll be the first to get a glimpse at new products, tips, store discounts and more.

Still reading? Great! We want to thank you for your loyalty as we strive to provide our customers with products of the highest quality, purity and potency for a great value. In addition to our quality products, we want to deliver a great online experience. Let us know what you think of the new site we would love to hear your positive feedback.