Frequently Asked Questions

We request that you email us any questions or concerns you may have regarding our products using our contact form. We encourage contact via email rather than by phone simply because our National Educators are constantly traveling throughout the US for presentations and trainings. They have extensive knowledge on all our products and for your convenience our office staff contacts them for you to make sure your questions are answered in detail and to your satisfaction. Please include your phone number for quicker response. 

Simply use our Contact Form and let us know the name of your store, address and phone number. We will add your store to our locator within 24 hours of receiving your email.

None of our products are enteric coated

It only contains about 2% of the rda based on a 2000 calorie diet. That is approx. 20 mg of naturally occurring calcium.

Once the seal of a bottle is opened air and water in that air will get in. The herbal extracts can get hydroscopic from this water content (we are talking about very small particles of air and water here, much less than you take in a breath). This will only effect the product in appearance and not effectiveness

It really depends on the temperature you’re using. Many of the ingredients used in our Greens are temperature controlled, so we do not recommend using hot water to mix as this would negate the raw factor.

Many of our extracts do have standardized marker compounds, but our philosophy is in keeping with an herbs constituents and not fractionizing out a “deemed” active compound. Therefore we concentrate the herb down as a whole, similar to reduction cooking, but without the temperature. In the end we are only looking to remove the indigestible fiber and concentrate all of the other compounds.

Probabilities are that it is fine, but our stability testing does not go beyond the exp date. We recommend purchasing another bottle.

We never say without solvents, just HARSH SOLVENTS. The only things we use are purified water and grain alcohol. NO HEXANE, ACETANE, METHANE….etc

We do NOT use any flow agents or fillers such as magnesium stearate.

Our products are tested to be free of pesticides, and we always use wild crafted or organic material were available.

We use optimsm. Here is a link to see the specifications.

We would not recommend using any herbs during pregnancy without consulting a licensed medical practitioner.

Our green tea leaves are picked very young when the caffeine levels are low. The finished extract only contains between 3-5% which is considered decaffeinated. So per capsule there is only about 7-12 mg. Consider this: the avg cup of coffee today contains 100 mg to 200 mg.

Unfortunately as of right now we do not have any distributors outside of the US. We recommend trying iHerb.com as they carry our products and ship outside the US.

That would depend on a number of environmental factors, but generally if kept in a stable dry place it should be fine for a lot longer than the daily serving period.

Yes it is normal. The color added in the capsule is a vegetable chlorophyll that acts as a light barrier to better protect the ingredients.

We highly recommend you speak with a medical practitioner before giving our formula to children.

Our ORAC-Energy® Greens contain 1 gram of sugar. It is very low and from the antioxidant fruit extracts and naturally occurring polysaccharides that are good for helping to build the immune system. In our flavored powders such as Maca Up we only use Organic Vanilla and Lou Han Gou.

We do NOT use any fillers or binders. We pride ourselves on the purity of our products and strive to deliver the greatest and purest products possible, just as nature intended.

Because our product is hydroscopic (absorbs moisture from its surrounding environment) we suggest storing it in a more dry area. The fridge has moisture and could possibly clump the product if not sealed tight enough. Clumping does not effect the potency but it does make it harder to mix.

The vcaps are made from plant material.

All of our products are assembled in the USA, however we do source some herbs from pristine remote regions of China as these herbs are indigenous and provide the highest quality available.

Unfortunately we do not sell directly to the consumer. Please refer to our store locater to find a retailer near you.

Gluten concerns arise when wheat, barley and oat products are being used such as in our ORAC Energy greens and Protein & Greens. The wheat and barley juice powders used in our product are harvested from young grasses before the gluten containing endosperms develop and are considered by the suppliers to be gluten free. However there is always a chance for some gluten with these ingredients and growers do not want to guarantee otherwise. We have recently sent product out for gluten testing and we came in with a result of 23ppm and in order to make a gluten FREE claim you have to be under 20ppm. It really also depends if a person is highly allergic to gluten or just has a gluten sensitivity, in which the later would not have any reaction to such a small level, but we would not recommend the use of any wheat and barley grass for celiac as the risk factor is to great.